August 2020 Newsletter

August is Summer Sun Safety Month

Did you know that the average adult human has a skin surface area between 16.1 and 21.5 square feet? People are often surprised to learn that skin cancer can develop anywhere, not just in areas regularly exposed to the sun, like the face, arms and legs.

That’s why daily sun protection from head to toe is so vital. Sun-protective clothing is your first line of defense and the simplest way to stay safe; unlike sunscreen, you never need to reapply.  But that’s just one way to keep the rays at bay – we recommend a complete sun protection strategy that also includes seeking shade, regular application of broad-spectrum sunscreen, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. The good news is that by making this strategy a daily habit, you can prevent most skin cancers and sun damage to your skin.

Here’s some more good news: Researchers in the personal care and cosmetic industry have worked hard to create innovations for better sun protection products that appeal to every need — with beauty and antiaging benefits, too. Long-beloved brands have created enhanced formulas and formats, and new brands have emerged, too, so there are choices to appeal to every age, skin type and skin tone.

August is Summer Sun Safety Month, but we hope that you and your family practice sun safety all year long. Here’s some helpful information to guide you:

New on the Blog

Uniting to Fight Skin Cancer
After three surgeries and immunotherapy to treat stage III melanoma, Adam Degi has a newfound determination to educate people about the dangers of skin cancer. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Adam and his wife created a virtual 5K socially distant fundraiser supporting The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Trial and Error
What happens when a dermatologist learns she has a rare and dangerous melanoma? Vivian Bucay, MD, fought back with strength, family and clinical trials.

10 (Mostly Inexcusable) Excuses for Delaying a Skin Check
Here’s why it’s never a good idea to postpone your skin exam with a dermatologist, even during a pandemic.

COVID-19 & Skin Health Videos

As COVID-19 continues to affect our lives, The Skin Cancer Foundation has worked with member dermatologists to develop a series of educational videos that deliver good professional advice and answer some of the most common skin health questions we’ve heard during the pandemic.

Q: I’m worried about going to my dermatologist because of the Coronavirus. What should I do?

Q: My hands are suffering from all of the washing. How can I ensure they are healthy and safe?

Q: I am being treated for skin cancer. Does this put me at a greater risk for COVID-19? 


Research Sparks Results

For 40 years, The Skin Cancer Foundation has awarded research grants to encourage innovation in prevention, early detection and treatment of skin cancer. Some of those grants kick-started careers for physicians and scientists who became rock stars in their fields. Many of them now encourage a new generation of investigators to apply for grants, too.
Our three 2020 grants recipients are working on research projects that have the potential to lead to lifesaving breakthroughs:

  • Immunotherapy-Tolerant Melanoma
    After immunotherapy for advanced melanoma, many patients respond at first, but then the cancer comes back. The research will look for ways to target and kill the mysterious, recently discovered cancer cells that seed recurrence, so treatment can work better.
  • Skin Cancer Risk in Transplant Recipients
    People who have had an organ transplant are at high risk of skin cancer. The research looks at genetic differences in these patients to learn who is most at risk in order to pave the way for targeted prevention.
  • High-Risk Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment
    Cases of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin (SCC) are rising and can become life-threatening. By forming a multidisciplinary panel of experts to study data, the doctor will work to form a consensus on the most effective treatments for high-risk SCC patients.

This year we received 40 research grants applications, but had the resources to fund just three. Help us do more.


Community Corner

Our Facebook community answers the question:

What are your sun protection plans for this summer?

“Business as usual: daily sunscreen on face, neck & hands, hat, sunglasses and a long-sleeved shirt. The only difference would be the mask.”

“Not much different than the winter. SPF head to toe once I get out of the shower in the morning, keeping arms and hands covered while driving, wear sunglasses and a hat on sunny day. The only difference in the summer is that I swim during off-peak hour before 10 AM and after 4 PM.”

“Already have my big floppy hat, long-sleeved shirt and a case of sunscreen!”

“I’ve ordered more UPF clothing and I’m going for my skin check in a couple of weeks.”

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