August 2021 Newsletter

August is Summer Sun Safety Month, and we’re here to help you keep your skin safe and healthy during summertime and throughout the year.

Sun-protective clothing is your first line of defense. It’s also the simplest way to stay safe; unlike sunscreen, you never need to reapply. But that’s just one way to keep the rays at bay – we recommend a complete sun protection strategy that includes seeking the shade, regular application of broad-spectrum sunscreen, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.

By making this strategy a daily habit, you can prevent most skin cancers and sun damage to your skin. Here’s some helpful information:

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Sun Protection Product Finder

Skin cancer is highly preventable, and a vast majority of cases are curable if they are diagnosed and treated early enough. Educating and empowering yourself is the best first step in a proactive approach to skin cancer prevention and early detection. And the best time to start is now.


Dr. Sarnoff Says


NFL’s Indianapolis Colts Team Up with
Destination Healthy Skin

Our Destination Healthy Skin RV will be at Colts Training Camp at Grand Park on August 17-18, where volunteer dermatologists will provide free full-body skin cancer screenings. Along with a screening, fans can grab information about skin cancer warning signs and sun protection as well as product samples courtesy of our program sponsors. Get the details.

NFL Coach Shares His Top Defensive Tips for Skin Cancer Prevention

For Sean McDermott, head coach of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, a strong defensive strategy is a key part of winning, both on and off the field. He’s teamed up with The Skin Cancer Foundation to bring attention to the importance of skin cancer prevention and early detection.

Sean McDermott, Buffalo Bills head coach

Photo: Timothy T Ludwig - Getty Images Sport

Picture of The Skin Cancer Foundation's RV parked outside of a CVS pharmacy in Tampa, FL

350 Skin Cancer Screenings in June!
Destination Healthy Skin Update

In June, our Destination Healthy Skin volunteer dermatologists collectively donated 35 hours of their time to conduct more than 350 skin exams. They identified 127 potential skin precancers and skin cancers, including four suspected melanomas. Read the full story.

Check our schedule to see if we’ll be in a community near you.

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New on the Blog

Ask the Expert: Is Skin Protection More Important During “Sun Season”?

Why are there more stories about sun protection in the summer? Is there really a “sun season”? Protect your skin all year long!

What Does Gut Health Have to Do with Skin Health?

Exciting new research shows how the microbiome of tiny organisms colonizing your digestive tract can help (or harm) your health in many ways — even in the field of skin cancer.

In My Mother’s Eyes: Her Ocular Melanoma Story

Ocular (meaning “of the eye”) melanoma is very different from cutaneous (“of the skin”) melanoma. It’s also rarer.

Indoor Tanning 101: Do You Know the Risks?

Tanning beds have no place in a healthy skin routine. Make sure you have the facts about this harmful habit.

Ask the Expert: Are Photos of Skin Cancer a Reliable Indicator?

If the new, changing or unusual spots on your skin don’t look like the ones you’ve seen in skin cancer photos, are you off the hook? Not necessarily.

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Sun Protection Webinar Recording

On August 9, The Skin Cancer Foundation presented Part 1 of our 3-part series of free sun protection webinars, The Seal of Recommendation & Sunscreen, with Dr. Anna Chien. If you missed this informative overview of how sunscreens earn the Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, we’ve got you covered! View the webinar recording.

Register for Part 2: The Seal of Recommendation and Wearable Sun Protection, with Dr. Elisabeth G. Richard, September 19, 2022

Register for Part 3: The Seal of Recommendation and Sun Protection for Home and Garden, with Dr. Elizabeth Buzney, October 20, 2022

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Community Corner

Our Facebook page provides you with an engaged community where you can interact with skin cancer warriors and caregivers, participate in polls and provide feedback on topics ranging from sun protection to survivorship. Here’s a glimpse of one of our recent conversations.

Q: What is your sun protection strategy this summer?

“I got myself a UPF long sleeved swimsuit!! So excited to finally have sun protection I will enjoy!”

“I’m going for my skin check in a couple of weeks and I ordered more UPF clothing.”

“Sunscreen every time I go outside and reapply every 90 minutes. No less than 30 SPF.”

“Business as usual: daily sunscreen on face, neck and hands, hat, glasses, long white shirt. Only difference would be the mask.”

“Stocked up on sunscreen, hats and protective clothing too.”

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