March 2021 Newsletter

A diagnosis of skin cancer can be overwhelming, especially in these uncertain times. We’re here to provide answers. If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with skin cancer, you may have heard about Mohs surgery, the most effective technique for removing nonmelanoma skin cancers, with cure rates up to 99 percent.

This month, we're delivering detailed information, answers to common questions and just about everything you want to know about Mohs surgery to treat basal cell carcinomas (BCCs), squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) and even certain melanomas.

What You Need to Know About Mohs

New on the Blog

Celebrating the Women of The Skin Cancer Foundation
March is Women’s History Month, and The Skin Cancer Foundation’s female physician members are taking the opportunity to share their unique insights as women in dermatology, and the world of medicine as a whole.

Healthy Skin in Your Pocket
Did you know that your cell phone can be a fantastic tool to help you maintain skin health? Here are seven ways you can dial up your efforts to monitor your skin and keep it healthy.

Hiding in Plain Sight: NYPD Veteran Uncovers Clues for Detecting Skin Cancer
Retired detective Ron Licciardi spent his career looking for clues, but learned a hard lesson about how to identify skin cancer warning signs that were hiding in plain sight.

Against the Wind
You do your best to protect your skin from the sun. But did you know Mother Nature ups the ante on windy days? Our experts share some breezy protection advice.

DIY Don’ts: Why At-Home Mole Removal Is a Bad Idea
Various devices claim to let you remove moles, skin tags and other lesions at home — here’s why you should think twice before tackling this procedure without a doctor.

PSA: As Spring Approaches, Spray Don’t Bake.

For many young women, spring means memorable events like proms, showers and weddings. It may be tempting to achieve a bronzed, “sun-kissed” look for such occasions; studies show women are more likely to use indoor tanning devices than men. The Skin Cancer Foundation cautions against any type of tanning, in or outdoors. Read more about the dangers of tanning.

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Early Detection: There’s an App for That!

We have partnered with Miiskin to help save and improve more lives. The Miiskin app helps you easily take high-quality photos of your skin to monitor skin over time and identify anything new, changing or unusual. With teledermatology on the increase, the app can connect directly to your dermatologist’s office, during either a face-to-face appointment or a virtual consultation, while keeping your personal information safe.

Learn More Here:

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Community Corner

Our Facebook page delivers educational information and the opportunity to connect and interact with skin cancer warriors and caregivers. Here’s a glimpse at one of our recent conversations about Mohs surgery.

Tell us about your Mohs surgery experience.

“I had it done under my eye. Worked well, healed perfect.”

“I’ve had several skin cancers on my face, and while I look in the mirror it’s a testament to the skill of my surgeons that no one else ever notices until I point out the scars. Even when I don’t wear makeup, it isn’t obvious to anyone else. I definitely recommend it for any cancers on the face.”

“It was completely painless and less uncomfortable than having a dental treatment. The plastic surgery reconstruction afterwards gave a good result, and after that I had laser treatment to reduce the scarring.”

“Long process but done by a great surgeon. Very little scarring, lost some hair follicles as was by hairline but for sure would elect this type if needed again in the future.”

“It saves lives! Thankfully my dermatologist is very good at what she does!”

“I strongly recommend the procedure. Yes, there will be a scar, however you can rest assured that the cancer was removed. I’ve had family whose doctor just cut it out, only to have the cancer recur in less than a year.”

“The scars are basically nonexistent so it’s worth it. I can still see them but that’s because I know where they are. Others don’t even notice.”

“I’ve had Mohs four times. My doctor does it two days. Mentally draining but worth it. I feel confident that he got it all.”

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