September 2020 Newsletter

Fall Into Healthy Skin

Summer may be ending, but your need for a complete sun protection strategy continues year-round. The days are getting shorter, so you may think that you don’t need sunscreen anymore. Don’t fall for it!

Every bit of sun you feel on your face, neck, chest, ears or hands accumulates and can result in damage, premature aging and skin cancer.

So, before you leave home, don’t forget to intercept the UV rays by putting on your sun-protective clothing, applying sunscreen – yes, even underneath your mask – grabbing your cozy sweater, sunglasses and wide-brimmed hat, and if you’re craving it, that pumpkin spice latte!

Be Sun-Smart All Year Long

New on the Blog

After a Melanoma Diagnosis, Actress Michelle Monaghan Got Serious About Skin Health
Since she had a melanoma removed 12 years ago, Michelle Monaghan has been an advocate for skin cancer education, sun protection and speaking up to loved ones.

Rossen Rescues Rossen
Sometimes the hero of the story is the one who keeps an eye on your skin and pushes you to see a dermatologist.

Is Your Medication Making Your Eyes Sensitive to the Sun?
Sun sensitivity of the skin can be a medication side effect, but did you know it can also affect your eyes? How to protect yourself.

The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow
Safety and social distancing are on your mind when you’re outside these days, but don’t forget the sun protection, too!

Social Media and Skin Cancer: The Benefits, the Drawbacks for Patients Seeking Support
Have you ever shared details of your medical diagnosis on social media? If so, you are in good company.

“We Are All Susceptible”: One Man Shares His Surprising Experience with Skin Cancer
Since skin cancer is the world’s most common cancer, it goes without saying that it affects people all around the world. What is less obvious, however, is that anyone regardless of age, skin tone or race can develop the disease.

Unite to Fight Skin Cancer Campaign

Life is different in the age of COVID-19, but skin cancer is the same devastating disease that kills two people every hour in the U.S.

Now more than ever before, skin cancer patients and their families are turning to The Skin Cancer Foundation for support. At the same time, the pandemic has created a funding shortfall that has put many of our lifesaving programs at risk of being suspended or eliminated. 

You can help. Our Unite to Fight Skin Cancer Campaign is a way for us to join together to save and improve lives by raising funds for free skin cancer screenings, patient and professional education and research.

Unite to Fight Skin Cancer

It takes a team to take down skin cancer.
We hope you’ll join ours!


Community Corner

We asked our Facebook community about skin cancer and got an overwhelming response, particularly from young people diagnosed with the disease.

At what age were you diagnosed with skin cancer? What have you learned since then?

30.... I’ve had 3 more melanomas in 12 years. To be proactive and make sure your family is too. STAY OUT OF THE TANNING BEDS!!!

Age 36, now 60. I was lucky. I was stage III was treated with interferon and have had no reoccurrences. I have learned to educate others without preaching and how to still be active with the appropriate protection.

I was 56 and diagnosed with Stage 3A metastatic melanoma...I had a recurrence 4 yrs later at age 60 and restaged to Stage 3C...48 months NED...I fried myself as a teenager with baby oil on my body and Sun-In on my hair! NO tan is worth it! Pale is beautiful!

27 Stage 3b Melanoma and I learned how crucial skin checks are!

21  I worked at a tanning salon for 5 years. I can only move forward. I wear spf 50 when outdoors And educate others. I'm now 31 and get my yearly skin checks and have been blessed with no new spots.

Melanoma at 32. Learned it really can take just one bad burn incident for it to occur. If you're fair and freckled with blue eyes, just stay in the shade. A tan is not for you! Suck it up. It's much nicer sitting under a parasol than in the blazing sun anyway 

I was 30. I make sure I'm more careful with sunscreen and swim shirts and I make sure my kids and husband and family are always wearing sunscreen. I also never miss a checkup!

21, 31 & 37. I have learned so much. The sun is not our friend. Wear sunscreen and reapply, reapply, reapply! Make sure your children wear it and reapply too! Listen to your intuition. If it looks like melanoma, if it feels like melanoma, if it just doesn’t look right, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR!

31 (now 41), scars can be beautiful, sunbrellas are essential, even walking through parking lots are dangerous, every tiny spot is suspicious, I'll never have normal sensations on my face again due to the extensive nerve damage after numerous surgeries, shade is your friend, a kind dermatologist is your best friend.

Just before I turned 40 I found out I had malignant melanoma on my side. Thankfully caught it early.

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